Homeowner Services Directory


Joe Russian                                                                                                 206.284.4282

Ernie Isola                                                                                                   206.784.7336



Albert Lee Appliance Co.                                                                         206.282.2110

Direct Buying Service                                                                               206.623.8811



Certified Arborist Tree Care, John Deutsch                                        425.739.6730

Seattle Tree Preservation                                                                         206.367.4048

Plants Amnesty                                                                                          206.783.9813

Magnolia Tree & Garden                                                                         206.283.2579


Asbestos Abatement:

Michael Miller, Superior Cleaning & Restoration                             206.282.6800



Emerald City Sweep                                                                                 206.522.0290

A&A Gutter Cleaning (Gutter, Chimney & Window)                        206.200.9028


Carpet Cleaning:

Century Carpet Care                                                                                206.542.7505


Cleaning Services:

Rene Pace, Excellence in Cleaning                                                        206.501.8302

Rocio Torres                                                                                               206.450.1040

Delia                                                                                                             206.788.7422



Hugh Jones Construction                                                                       206.200.2643

Steve Drake, BGR Construction                                                            206.931.5190

Rick King, Blue Canyon Construction                                                  206.368.8825


Chris Bullock, NW Custom Deck                                                          206.235.4545



Frank Lumber                                                                                           206.362.2311


Duct Cleaning
Jet City Duct Vac Inc., Chris Belding 206.941.7118/425.967.3836

Electrical Services:

Brian Kemly, Kemly Electrical                                                             206.782.1670

Bowie Electrical                                                                                       206.789.6500


Electrician: (Appliances)

Greg Stoneking, Heritage Appliance                                                      425.486.8311


Environmental Health:

Asbestos Testing                                                                                         206.281.8858



Bill Budd, Alpine Fence                                                                             206.332.0438

All City Fences                                                                                             206.763.8282



Bodine Construction                                                                                  425.778.2557

Seattle Stabilization                                                                                   206.932.0499


Garage Door Repair:

Anderson Doors                                                                                          206.241.8606



A and A Island Cutter Cleaning                                                               206.200.9028


Hardwood Flooring:

Hung Canh On, Far East Flooring                                                          206.362.7311

Sunny Fry, Sun West Flooring                                                                206.625.1536

Bill Chalmers, General Pacific (Cleaning & Buffing)                          425.770.0839/425.344.9160



The Sixth Man                                                                                             206.282.6221

Terry Girvin, T.G’s Home Services                                                         206.261.7638

Brian Homer                                                                                               206.244.8471


Hardscapes & Outdoor Paving:
Ted Flateau, Custom Fence & Masonry                                                425.868.4114


Heating-Repair, Cleaning:

Evergreen HVAC, John Mott                                                                   206.999.3132

Steve Vick, Olson Energy                                                                          206.963.8727

Ballard Natural Gas                                                                                    206.784.8101


Homeowners Insurance:

Farmers, Cesar Butac                                                                                  206.282.1118

Allstate, Barry Hasson                                                                                206.782.7191


Home Security Systems:

ADT                                                                                                                800.526.7774


Garage and Hauling:

Phil Whiley, Happy Hauler                                                                       206.784.0313

We Haul Not You                                                                                        206.418.0711


Gary McMann, World Inspection Network                                           206.728.7800

Devin Lehmann, Pillar to Post                                                                 206.941.1131

Kristine Messick, Crows Nest Home Inspections                                206.310.2613


Landscape Design:

Lisa Pfeiffer, Pfeiffer Landscaping LLC.                                                 206.781.7113

A&G Gardens and Grounds, Andrew Rauch                                          206.696.5082

206.779.4056, 206.877.3906

Lock Smith:

Lock Rangers                                                                                                206.284.2368

Bulgar Safe & Lock                                                                                      206.363.8797


Custom Masonry & Stoves                                                                        206.524.4714


Mortgage Brokers:

Pat Crandall, M&T Bank                                                                           206.919.1053

Grace Garcia,  Windermere Mortgage                                                   206.527.5445


Movers & Storage:

Richard Harper, Moving Link                                                                  425.882.7882

Bekins Northwest                                                                                        425.835.8092


Oil Tank Services:

Tanks By Dallas (Locating)                                                                       206.365.0291

Seattle Oil Tank (Decommissioning)                                                      206.938.2280

Fire Marshall/Permits                                                                               206.386.1450



Chris Bevington, Meridian Painting                                                         206.240.3544

Ramone Caballero

Eric Johnson                                                                                                  206.353.2029

Richard Kennedy, Kennedy Painting                                                       206.683.9666



Larry & Gerda Fischer, Prima Plumbing                                                 206.706.0300

Best Plumbing                                                                                               206.633.1700


Property Taxes:

Tax Assessors Office                                                                                  206.296.7300

Property Tax Office                                                                                    206.296.3850


Real Estate Attorneys:

Demco Law Firm (Windermere’s Firm)                                                206.723.2330



Steve Berndt, B&B Roofing                                                                      206.632.7221

Benjit Hull, P.C. Contracting                                                                   206.999.0873

Norm Hoglund, Jorve Roofing                                                                206.933.8275

Joel Sanchez, Madrona Home Services                                               206.250.2013/206.284.7181



Sewer Inspector:

Rick De La Mare, Hydrophysics                                                              425.775.8445


Sewer Repair:

Jim Dandy Sewer & Plumbing                                                                  206.801.1592

Raymark Sewer & Plumbing                                                                      206.440.9077


Staging Companies:

Lisa Kohl, Nob Hill Staging                                                                        206.954.2390

Rebecca Colello, Casa Bella                                                                        206.849.8391

Seattle Swank                                                                                                206.795.8206



Shugard Storage                                                                                            800.563.6040

Public Storage                                                                                                877.258.8230


Title & Escrow:
Commonwealth Title & Escrow:                                                                 800.455.1105

The Talon Group                                                                                            206.320.8800

Lake Union Escrow                                                                                       206.447.9990



Seattle City Light                                                                                            206.625.3000

Seattle Public Utilities                                                                                   206.625.3000

Qwest Phone                                                                                                    206.345.5552

Comcast Cable                                                                                                 800.266. 2278
Puget Sound Energy (Gas)                                                                            888.225.5773




Burritt Cook, Rite-Way Waterproofing (Basement & Drainage)           206.784.8330



Procraft Industries                                                                                          206.361.5121


Window Washer:

Norm Husser                                                                                                    206.390.6659


These recommendations come from personal experience, colleagues or clients. I do not endorse their work but have had or have heard that others have had positive experiences with them. To determine if a contractor is licensed or bonded or has any claims against them you may call the King County Tax Assessors office at 206.296.7300.  Thank you.